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B efore I forget to mention it, from the other side of the Acropolis, looking from the Propylea towards the sea, you can see Pireos Street which connects Athens to the port. This street follows one of the ancient long walls while the Athens metro tracks follow the other. This photo will show you what I mean. He calmly took it down, wrapped himself in it and jumped to his death. The plaque by the flag commemorates Manolis Glezos and Apostolis Santas, the two eighteen year-old heroes who tore down the Nazi flag flying from the Acropolis on the night of May 30th, Later through reading the book Athens:The City by John Tomkinson I found out that Glezos, who became a member of the Greek resistance, was condemned to death for treason in and imprisoned for being a communist.

Further on is the Theater of Dionysious the first stone theater and home to Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides and Aristophanes. It was rebuilt around BC by Lykourgos and then enlarged by the Romans to be used for gladiator fights. In July of I saw Jethro Tull here. Maybe Procul Harum? Emerson, Lake and Palmer? The Stooges? Where's Leonard Cohen when you really need him? Beyond that is the Hill of Philippapos where people fly kites on Clean Monday.

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Below the Acropolis is the rock of Areopagos or what we called in high school 'Blow Hill'. Don't ask. The steps are very slippery so be careful as you climb them, but once you do you won't want to come down unless it is degrees. Great place to watch the sunset.

Or come up at night with a bottle of wine and your true love, and watch the lights of the city. There is a cleft in the rock at the bottom of the hill that is a shrine to the Furies. Part of it is free and you can go through it to get back to Adrianou Street, or you can pay the entrance fee and walk the streets of ancient Athens. If you decide to hang out awhile in the ancient Agora take a look at the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos, now a museum which features many of the every day items found in the area. Fun Fact! The ancient agora which to the untrained eye looks looks like a jumble of rocks and broken pavement to the trained eye as well was once a vibrant neighborhood and part of the Plaka and Monastiraki.

So next time you are walking through the Plaka and thinking that you wish there was more of Athens like this, remember that there used to be and be thankful that they did not destroy it all. But to be fair it is archaeological excavations like the agora which give Athens much of its precious green space. The small temple known as the Thission was built in BC and is virtually intact. Supposedly named for Theseus because his exploits were shown on the frieze, it is now believed that it was actually a temple to Hephaestos and Athena. Unfortunately they realized their mistake too late and the entire neighborhood is called Thission.

The temple was used as a Church, dedicated to Saint George, known as Saint George the Lazy because it was only open one day of the year.


Parthenon, Athens

The neighborhood of Thission is full of cafes, bars and restaurants and like other areas around the Acropolis has been made pedestrian friendly, it's streets turned into walkways and landscaped with trees and flowers. If you need a guide for the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum or any of the other archaeological sites in Athens and the surrounding area I recommend Nadia Pavlikaki who is an archaeologist, art historian and a licensed tour guide with an infectious passion for her city and its history.

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She offers mainly private tours for small parties of 2 to up to 10 people. She is also excellent with high school and middle school as well as college students. If you are coming with your kids I suggest the Acropolis Tour for Families. The Acropolis is open from 8am to pm every day. These hours can change depending on the season and sometimes it is open in the evening of the full moon in the summer. They don't allow you to bring backpacks or day bags on the Acropolis.

You have to check them so if you need to bring a bag with you be sure to have a spare pocket for your valuables.

What Was the Purpose of the Parthenon in Ancient Greek Society?

You can also buy individual tickets to these other sites. The Acropolis Museum is now open but I believe you have to pay extra as it is not included in the package. For those who have difficulty with steps or are in wheelchairs there is an elevator on the northwest side of the Acropolis. If you ask when you get your tickets at the ticket booth they will point the way to you.

You should call the day of your visit to make sure that the lifts are working. Get there as early as possible to avoid lines. That means you can't use it just because you don't feel like climbing the steps. One way to get to the Acropolis is to walk up from the Plaka and keep climbing until you come to the small road that goes around it and head west to your right. The entrance is up from the rock of Areopagos. This road becomes Apostolou Pavlou which is also car-less and continues past the cafes of Thission to the lower Ermou and Kerameikos archaeological site which is at the bottom of Monastiraki.

If you are coming from a cruise ship the best thing to do is take a taxi, either pre-arranged with George the Famous Taxi Driver , or with one of those waiting at the port. If you use George you can do an Athens tour and he can take you back to the boat. For those who want to take the metro just walk to the Pireaus metro station which is about 20 minutes from the cruise terminal with the harbor on your left, the city on your right. You will see a pedestrian bridge right at the station. Take the metro to Thission and when you get out of the station walk to your right and follow the people to the entrance.

Reasons for the Construction of the Parthenon

You can go back the way you came or take the metro from Monastiraki Station. If you get on the metro at Acropolis or Syntagma you will have to change trains to go back to Pireaus. The following hotels are within easy walking distance of the Acropolis entrance. In the summer be sure you wake up early and go to the Acropolis before it gets too hot and before the cruise ships come in.

You can see the Acropolis and then do the Acropolis Museum before lunch. No doubt you have heard of the controversy surrounding the Elgin Marbles. They are now in the British Museum for 'safe keeping' though the Greek Government, the Greek people and just about everyone else in the world with the exception of the British government believe that they should be returned. To put a contemporary face on the situation if someone broke into your house, held you hostage and sold your Picasso collection to your neighbor you would expect your neighbor to return it.

Learn About the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens, Greece

In this case the neighbor says "No, these are mine. I bought them. For private tours of Athens be sure to visit George the Famous Taxi Driver who will pick you up at your hotel, the airport, the port or anywhere you like and show you the city in style in his luxury Mercedes visiting as many museums and archaeological sites as you can fit into a day. If you are appreciative of all the free information you get on my websites you can send a donation through Paypal.

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  6. The Acropolis of Athens. You can read more about it on my Athens Agora Page. Acropolis Guided Tours If you need a guide for the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum or any of the other archaeological sites in Athens and the surrounding area I recommend Nadia Pavlikaki who is an archaeologist, art historian and a licensed tour guide with an infectious passion for her city and its history. The Acropolis Elevator For those who have difficulty with steps or are in wheelchairs there is an elevator on the northwest side of the Acropolis.

    Less than a century later, the Parthenon was slightly damaged by the Atalanti earthquake in the Locris area, near Athens, with a magnitude of 6. The Parthenon is currently being restored and thus, is surrounded by scaffoldings and cranes.

    Parthenon Architecture

    The restoration works will be completed in Visiting the Parthenon while you explore the Acropolis overlooking Athens is a must and will not leave you indifferent. Metro : Monastiraki , lines 1 and 3; Akropoli , line 2. Plaka is one of the oldest, as well as one of the most alluring and lively districts in Athens. The Ancient Agora of Athens was the social, political and commercial hub of the city during Ancient Greece.

    This "meeting place" is the best kept example of an Agora. Details about the place of worship The Parthenon was raised on the remains of the sixth century temple Hekatompedon , which was destroyed by the Persians in BC. The Parthenon's misfortunes Throughout the centuries, the Parthenon has been severely damaged.