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Trusted teacher: Improve your English with an English British person: I am an experienced English teacher, from the UK, available to teach all ages in Tartu or elsewhere via webcam.

I am TEFL qualified with years of experience teaching preschool children to adults in English speaking and writing. I have helped to prepare students for their Cambridge Speaking Exams, given reports, and enormously enjoy the energy of a fun class. Feel free to contact me - I am happy to simply help with conversation practice, essays, or give in depth instruction. I am friendly and personable and look forward to meeting you! Welcome to Tamil for Beginners. Tamil is a south Indian classical language spoken by approximately 80 million people worldwide and is one of the official languages in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.

Tamils form a huge diaspora in almost all the countries in the world, prominently in UK, US and Canada. Tamil is the offshoot of the Dravidian language family, quite distinct from Indo-European roots. It has separate fonts and some experts believe it grew in the south alongside Sanskrit in the north. Learn this wonderful language that is at least years old with a rich classic literature. If you are a beginner or want to have Restart on saxophone, contact me! Pop music. Lessons can be done online or contact lessons.

French, eesti, russian. I have been teaching saxophone since year and my students are already in a foreign and working themselves. Whenever you feel and love saxophone, contact me! Trusted teacher: Conversational Russian with a native speaker Ukraine at a convenient time individually. My name is Franklin, I am from Washington D. One of the key's to writing English properly is being as concise as possible. Below, I have written a few bullet points on my background, teaching style, and what kind of services I can provide.

Background: I am from Washington D. After graduating, I spent three years working at a think tank in Washington D. This work required me to constantly write, research, and give public presentations. After I was promoted, it became my job to teach others how to do these things effectively.

I am currently completing my MA at the University of Tartu. Teaching Style: I believe that direct, friendly, and useful conversation is key. We can all sit around and read text books or watch youtube videos to try to learn a language. Those things are good, but the best way and from my point of view the only way to learn a language is to learn it with a native English speaker.

I am familiar with teaching people with many different learning styles, and eager to use a number of different methods other than traditional text-books to teach you how to communicate better in English. Services Provided: -Weekly reports identifying progress made, and areas which we will need to focus on further.

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These will help guide our progress over time, and allow you to keep track of what you will have accomplished! Meet even more great teachers.


Lesson Materials

Try online lessons with the following real-time online teachers:. I have 8 years teaching experience. I am very patient and I love to make a relaxed and friendly class environment. I have qualifications and experience teaching at different levels and in different contexts. I can help the student to improve the oral, written, and comprehension skills. Most important is that each course is based on the needs, interests and availability of the student.

For beginners, I usually follow a specific program, I prepare a course and for each lesson I send students the files that I scan from the various books. Also the lessons can be essentially developed as conversations on specific subjects.

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Trusted teacher: Native French speaker. Excellent opportunity for e. Good and long experience in teaching and coaching. Focus in oral and written communications in all levels. Customised lessons based on your requirements. My goal is to meet my student objectives and needs by gradually improving and enjoying French. My students won't be bored and will be enthusiastic to ask for more. I can address social or business topics of French. I have more than 5 years of experience in teaching and tutoring. I can help you improve your French whatever your level is. I am also fully proficient in English so I can give you explanations in English if needed.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of languages, I am easily adaptable, and I know how to create a lively environment to get my students interested in their new language! I can help you speak more easily, help you with grammar and conjugation, teach you pronunciation, help you prepare for an exam or an interview I am used to teaching a wide range of students : elementary and secondary school pupils, university students, and adults. Trusted teacher: Dutch for non-native speakers: all levels Grammar - spelling - pronunciation - conversation - writing - preparation for the ITNA I make my own material tailored to the student.

Trusted teacher: Hi everyone, I'm Mathieu, 34 years old, from Paris. I'm a full-time professional french teacher. I lived in Shanghai for more than 5 years where I used to teach in french companies and language institutes. Now, I mainly teach private classes as a freelance, one to one. I have a 7-year teaching experience in China and France, face-to-face and online through Skype. I'm also a teacher in a business school here in Paris.

You can check the comments that a few students of mine left here on my profile, to see that i'm a serious and competent teacher.

Learn English Vocabulary

I'm fluent in english and speak an intermediate chinese. I have all the materials necessary ready for you, self made PDF, audio files and much more. I always adapt my classes to the student's needs. We can focus on what's the most important to you. Contact me for any further information, I'm ready to discuss your goals and my teaching method with you so that you can make up your mind.

I am a practicing, qualified teacher and holder of National Education. Teaching can not be improvised. This is something I feel I do well with 23 years of experience.

English Exercises and English Courses

It's the equivalent of level B2! The grammar of the oral. Trusted teacher: University graduate in German language and literature Master of Arts in German with specialization in Medieval Languages and Literature with a solid experience gives private German lessons for all levels. Courses adapted according to the needs of the student. For school supports: It is above all a work on the long term. Therefore, any exercise is explained in detail, which can make its execution slower: the quality is priority to the quantity in order to obtain an optimal result in the long term.

Students bring their own course material notebooks, books, audio CDs, dictionaries, assessments, etc. It is important to note that only my presence and my explanations are not enough to obtain satisfactory results. That's why I take the time to "learn to learn" effectively. I give special importance to pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary. For exam preparations: The courses offer to acquire solid tools to learn how to write, to comment on literary texts and a methodology to work on the oral comprehension. The student will have to bring his own booklet of exam preparations available in all bookstores.

For the Gothe Institute examinations, the Cornlesen exam books are particularly suitable. The student acquires long-term fluency not only in oral comprehension, but also enriches his basic vocabulary through exercises. I am also working on the oral tests of the Goethe Institute to familiarize with oral.

English Teaching Methods

For the work of the written expression: I begin by explaining in the first lesson some methodological tools to acquire writing skills. The student has the opportunity to start writing during the course or do a writing exercise on duty and give it to me to correct send by email or at the beginning of the next lesson.

The corrections are explained in detail.

In addition, at the time of booking, the student can send me a draft copy before the lesson so that I can meet his needs even more quickly. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, especially for the work that I correct. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or tips to ensure maximum success for everyone. In addition, each student can contact me at any time outside the course by email if necessary.

Russian mother tongue, I give tailor-made courses tailored to your needs.