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Back then most of our parents Lived the self sufficient lifestyle and taught it to us, so we know about self sufficiency, we are not Afraid of firearms because we were raised around them and learned to hunt and use them safely. I could go on and on, but this book covers it all, although briefly and as such you are left with the need to search for more information.

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This is not a bad thing, as full information on the topic requires a full bookshelf full of books. As I stated, this book id s beginners book and everyones library needs a beginners book, and I Highly recommend this one above all the others Ive read. Read full review. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Amazing , worthwhile read for ALL people who consider being 'ready' for calamities.

One book everyone should read whether you are a 'prepper' or not. Common sense abounds along with clear, precise, and thoughtful recommendations and suggestions. If even most not all people read this book and took it to heart we would have almost no problems with natural and also unusual 'events'. The reviews on-line were spot-on in their praise for this book, it shows and explains everything in a logical and prudent mannor, laying out the guidelines and the reasons about preparing for troubles, disasters and common 'unfortunate events'.

The better part - is that you can keep this book as reference, even if you don't start preparing now; just refer to the lists and begin your actions when trouble starts to rear it's ugly head! Small but has a lot of information! Best survival, preppier book I've purchased.


The Prepper's Pocket Guide 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster

I was able to find many useful tips and tricks to help with prepping. I highly recommend this book to new and experienced preppers. There can never be too much information on prepping. Skip to main content. Supplementary chapters include information on using an axe, splitting and notching logs, and even making a fireplace. There could be a number of reasons as to why a compass is unavailable in the face of an emergency or major disaster. In this book, author Harold Gatty seeks to prepare his readers for survival without the use of a campus in the wilderness, in towns, in the desert, in snow-covered areas, and even on the ocean.

He describes ways in which one can find their way by observing birds, animals, weather patterns, vegetation, shifting sands, patterns of snow fields, and the positions of the sun, moon, and stars. These days, the threat of a nuclear, chemical, or biological terrorist attack is considered a likely scenario.

The preppers pocket guide easy things you can do to ready your ho…

This book is a civilian adaptation of the military guidebook The U. Topics include how to gain knowledge of an impending attack; first aid in the wake of a nuclear, chemical, or biological disaster; achieving basic protection during an attack; and guarding against fallout from a nuclear bomb. Written by a former U. Army officer, this book is geared towards the average citizen in the wake of a major attack or disaster. Through clear and thorough descriptions, the book describes various types of shelters that can be put together in mere hours by untrained men and women. Kearny also includes valuable information on the use of potassium iodide to protect the thyroid gland, and details ways in which a homemade fallout meter can be constructed to indicate radiation levels.

How To Start Prepping: Top Ten List

Bradley, a well-known prepper and author of the Practical Prepper Newsletter, has written this guide to prepare people for two potential events: the EMP attack and the solar storm. Topics include constructing homemade Faraday cages, establishing micro-infrastructures, and protecting personal vehicles. Topics discussed include drinking water, foods, heating and cooling, alternative options for lighting, building toilets and composting, and even the safe disposal of a corpse. Included throughout the book are memorable anecdotes, personal stories, and relevant quotes.

The book is full of realistic advice and clear, concise writing. Topics include securing the perimeter and settings traps, fortifying a house and setting up safe rooms, securing storage, the safe usage of firearms, and gathering intelligence and forming alliances. Using a simple, Do-It-Yourself approach, Bernie Carr details important steps individuals and families can take to prepare for earthquakes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. This guide walks preppers step-by-step through readying and fortifying a home or retreat.

If you already have an underground bunker or shelter-in-place room, F.

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things you can do to ready your home for a Disaster

The first part of the book details how to seal a bunker or shelter with duct tape and plastic sheeting in order to escape dangerous airborne particles after a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack. The second part then details how to safely ventilate the shelter to ensure that fresh air keeps its occupants alive.

Topics include high security rooms, fire-resistant barriers, materials for radiation protection, backup power, concealment strategies, and much more. Skousen guides preppers through the design and construction of adding to any existing home a complete, live-in security shelter to protect against tornados, hurricanes, fire, intrusion, and nuclear fallout, to name but a few. The book also includes a list of specific product and equipment recommendations that can save a prepper months of research.

Topics include how to train a defensive team, hide in plain sight, pre-position supplies, and more. To supplement the common sense direction, the book also includes military tactics and historical examples. Violence pervades nearly every aspect of the world we live in, and as a result, more and more people are seeking practical solutions to deal with it. Additional topics include unarmed defense, improvised weapons, firearms, and more.

It is clearly written and therefore suitable for people from every background and skill level.

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This book combines author John S. Aimed at novice and experienced shooters alike, the book details various types of handguns and the most effective tactics for using them against potential criminals. Farnam also adds important supplementary information on mental toughness, defensive ammunition, and the importance of testing and selecting the right handgun. At a concise 80 pages, the book is suitable for inexperienced shooters of any age.

In addition to the clearly written descriptions, the book includes a number of helpful illustrations, as well as a forward written by firearms expert Louis Awerbuck. The value of this book is widely considered to be the inclusion of topics such as combat mindset and proper defensive mental conditioning. This comprehensive guide authored by a Chief Instructor for the United States Concealed Carry Association, is geared towards anyone who currently owns a firearm or is considering the purchase of one.

The page book is comprehensive, and written in easy-to-understand language.

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Average Rating:. Rate this:. Guides readers in preparing for disasters, including developing plans, calculating how much water is needed, and making a disinfectant cleaner from emergency kit items.