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They bring Danny with them, proving once and for all that he's a horse with a rock-and-roll soul. That's the way it looks.

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Instead of hanging out with the Saddle Club, Tessa is spending all her time with Veronica! They talk together, shop together, and even ride together! Veronica is thrilled and can already see herself invited back to England to meet the Royals. Stevie, Carole, and Lisa are confused.

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Have they lost one of their best friends to their worst enemy? Could it be that Veronica and Tessa have managed to bury the hatchet? Or is there something else going on? Is the riding instructor in serious financial trouble? Pine Hollow could be lost! Soon Stevie has her friends drumming up more business for the stables.

Reg, the manager of Pine Hollow Stables, goes away for a few days, The Saddle Club is determined to pitch in and keep things running smoothly. Lisa, Carole, and Stevie decide they know everything there is to know about horses, so they'll have no problem managing a stable for a few days More paint winds up on one of the horses than on the stable; several riders don't get quite the ride they expect; and Mrs. Reg's paperwork is in utter chaos.

Soon the members of The Saddle Club are wondering if being horse crazy is all they need to manage the stable, after all! For Stevie, this year's overnight trail ride promises to be particularly special because her boyfriend, Phil, is coming along. But as soon as the trip begins, there's trouble between Phil and Stevie Are these two good riders and close friends about to break up for good? After all, Stevie recently served her friends pancakes made out of plaster of Paris, and it's a well-known fact tha t Stevie and the rest of The Saddle Club can't stand snooty Veronica diAngelo.

But would Stevie actually try to sabotage another rider -- and risk injuring her valuable Arabian? If Stevie didn't cut Veronica's leathers, then who did?

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Is it the work of a "witch" at the stable? And will The Saddle Club ever manage to dear Stevie's name? Unfortunately, Stevie's boyfriend wants her to go to the dance at his school on the same night.

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Now Stevie has to figure out how to be in two places at once. Stowe--out of Mrs. Reg's hair.

What would Mrs. Reg do without them!

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In fact, she's younger than Carole, and she's a better rider. Carole is surprised to find herself feeling jealous. Then she realizes that this new rider may excel in the saddle, but on the ground she's got a lot to work out, and the best person to help her is Carole. Can Carole overcome her jealousy and forge a new friendship? They're thrilled that Stevie and her boyfriend aren't arguing anymore.

And they're delighted that Carole's horse, Starlight, has been shipped to the camp. But control-crazy Lisa seems to be eating less and obsessed with projects that are supposed to be fun. What could be wrong? The last two weeks of camp should be carefree, but Stevie, Carole, and Lisa continue to see signs that Moose Hill might not reopen the following summer. Who would want to close down their favorite riding camp? By Bonnie Bryant Publisher: Bantam SkylarkISBN: When Carole Hanson learns that the newly elected president of a Middle Eastern country will be visiting Washington with his horse-crazy daughter, it seems only natural to write the girl a letter inviting her to come for a ride at Pine Hollow.

Carole thinks she might get a reply with an interesting stamp on it. Novel 6. Activity Book 2. Sticker Book 1. Not Specified Topic see all Topic. Animals 5. Christmas 2. Ghosts 2. Australia 1. Age Level see all Age Level. Ages 1. Ages Young Adults 4.

Stable Witch

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