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Most of the time, these crown fires, as big and giant as they are in August and sometimes September, usually they come into our communities and they drop to the ground. It is our unwillingness to take responsibility ourselves and clear around our homes that ends up causing the fire to burn from house to house while the trees stay green. Rocky Barker Author and reporter Rocky Barker has covered wildfires for many years, and has seen their potential for destruction firsthand. In this podcast, Mona discusses how her experiences working with the public and the media during transformed her working methods 12 years later when she was assigned to the Cerro Grande Fire near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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In the following podcast, Roger describes his daily routine as a television reporter covering the fires. After the fires in Yellowstone, Dr. Norman Christensen of Duke University was asked to chair a panel of scientists with expertise in disturbance ecology. Sue Exline and Frank Moshbacher were both born in Los Angeles, California, and have worked in natural resource management for over 30 years.

Explore This Park. History — Yellowstone is Burning: Communicating the Story. Film crew carrying equipment in dense smoke during the Yellowstone fires.


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I would recommend the book " Scorched Earth " to folks who have an interest in wildland fires. With a good sense of fire history stretching back over years, and with a focus on the characters who have helped shaped wild land fire management over that same time, the book succeeds in creating a well rounded snapshot of the relationship fire has with forestlands in the West.

But, I must confess that this book is not what I thought it would be when I picked it up. I have enjoyed reading disaster type non-fiction in the past. I really expected this book to have me in the middle of the fires at Yellowstone in In fact, the book's prologue puts the reader outside of Old Faithful Inn as the flames approach.

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But, as chapter 1 begins, we are immediately transported back over years to the conclusion of the Civil War and to General Phil Sheridan. The next 13 chapters introduce us one by one and chronologically to different folks who have had some influence on the way the United States manages fire and forest resources.

In the early chapters, I felt the book bogged down a bit telling the war stories of some early land managers. The book really spoke to me when it focused on wild fires, and the lessons learned from two especially large fires in the early s. By the time the author Rocky Barker describes more recent influences, people like Aldo Leopold and the character of Smokey Bear, the story begins to pick up pace. It is not really until the last 50 pages of the book that we are transported back to the world of Yellowstone National Park in By then, the book has demonstrated a difference between the way fire is managed in the Forest Service and how it is managed in Yellowstone and some other National Parks.

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Yellowstone had adopted a hands-off approach, a policy to let fires started by lightning burn on their own.