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The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the international discourse on observation as a method of data collection in Lesson Study see Wood et al. The perceptive observation Gerd E. The perceptive observation is not a diagnosis of what learners can't yet do, and learning activities are not queried according to criteria. The vocational education as the context of the case study offered an opportunity to examine the effectiveness and sustainability of teaching and learning in a link of theory and practice.

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Perceptive observation was used in the research lesson as a method of data collection and it was subject of the research lesson with apprentice-educators and a method they could use to observe children in kindergarten. The research question was how apprentice-educators could be empowered to observe children in kindergarten to better identify their learning potentials and to plan learning opportunities in an age-appropriate way.

The research data collected for this study came from the survey of a research lesson and the analysis of observation protocols and interviews with the participating teachers and apprentice-educators. As a result of the research the teachers reported that perceptive observation helped them to understand how apprentices can be better prepared for practice in kindergarten.

The apprentice-educators have been enabled to perceive the children more attentively and develop more age-appropriate learning opportunities. This experience helped them to better understand school learning subjects and to use learning in school more consciously for the practice in kindergarten.

The project is carried out for the second time this year and became an integral part of school development and professional learning in the participating school. The present study was undertaken to clarify results in teachers' abilities to evaluate children's development from Lesson Studies LS. Recordings with an interval of a class evoke children's developments through comparing between the two recordings.

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LS with more two recordings, reflections and consultative meetings may result in developing teachers' abilities to evaluate children's development. The LS program with these elements was built in this study. Interview data were gathered from all teachers 8 teachers and a principal in a school. The results from the other teachers were that: 1 they got perspective on children's development. It has been often discussed that Lesson Studies LS are very important for teachers' developments and for building up collegiality in a school.

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The problem seems to lie in the fact that the evaluating abilities are implicit. Teachers promote their lessons if they find children's developments in the lessons. In contrast, they modify their lessons if they do not find children's developments. Teachers implicitly evaluate children's developments in their lessons. The present study was undertaken to clarify results in teachers' abilities to evaluate children's development from LS.

Some teachers make the abilities shareable in collaborative reflections. LS have an open class and consultative meeting. Teachers' implicit abilities turn explicit through reflecting in the meeting.

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Video recordings of classes reinforce reflections and also make a chance to evaluate children's development. The present study put its focus on specific results from the LS program. The LS program was conducted in an elementary school in August. Two arithmetic lessons in a fifth-grade class was recorded at one month May and three months July after the new school year begun.

Interview data were gathered from all teachers 8 teachers and a principal in the school after the LS program. The data were categorized to analyze aspects of the results.

They also got perspective on children's development, for example, an expression on children's face and class atmosphere. They increased self-efficacy for collaborative LS as well. Paris '69 Tue - Three lessons have previously been conducted within the study, where theoretical assumptions with premise from the pattern of variation Marton mostly contributed to a changed educational design in the execution of the lesson.

The theoretical assumptions did in this study contribute to both the construction, and the instructions, for specific tasks during the lesson. Research on the training of mathematics teachers is arguably important, since the quality of teacher education influences the quality of future teachers, which in turn influence pupils achievements. The purpose of this study is therefore to contribute with new knowledge on how education-specific tasks and instructions, based on theoretical assumptions, may offer teacher students possibilities to increased better understanding about learning of mean value.

Previously in this study, three research lessons in three different student groups in the grade programme have been conducted. Critical aspects have appeared during the educational design based on structured pattern of variation: generalisation , contrast , separation and fusion Marton, From these critical aspects, the educational design of the lesson has changed, with support from the variation theory concepts generalisation and contrast a.

The latter generate to present median, mean value and mode synchronously and simultaneously, where the numbers are kept constant while the mean values vary, in order to develop both conceptual and procedural understanding. First, the teacher students are offered the possibility to solve the tasks. Secondly, they are offered via collegial discussions, to critically examine what difficulties the tasks may cause the pupils understanding of mean value.

The latter in combination with discussions about instrumental and relational understanding Skemp, of mean value. The data sampling consists of videotaped lessons 2 , videotaped teacher student discussions 16 participants and audiorecorded teacher student discussions 16 participants from a designed before- and after test. Each lesson began and ended with the designed before- and after test, consisting of videotaped discussions between teachers and pupils in grade six. This leads to discussions about the importance of both education designed tasks and teaching instructions based on theoretical assumptions.

This study analyses how collaborative professional development based on variation theory contributes to highlighting children's learning of distance assessment in free play situations. Learning that is crucial for the children to be participating in social interaction at preschool. The results indicate the need to offer preschool teachers collegial development opportunities based on theoretical input.

Bruner describes a didactic perspective as a goal-oriented learning, where what, how and why should be described by the teacher. The role of the teacher is thereby important for the child to develop an understanding of different aspects of phenomena.

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The aim of the study, based on previous studies, is to contribute with new knowledge about how the supportive role of pre-school teachers in the preschool can contribute children's learning in relation to social interaction during free play situations. Which contributes to the question of what knowledgeable children make visible about distance during free play situations. The latter, by starting from contrast and generalization Marton, Where contrast, in this study, is made up of distance and non-distance for the possibilities of being included in social interaction. The learning object consists of children's knowledge of distance assessment in advance to social interaction during free play situations.

The data sampling consists of videotaped pre-observations 5 and videotaped teaching lessons 10 All pre-observations are carried out during free play situations. Free in so far as the children themselves have chosen the play activity. Firstly, distance assessment in relative to length.

Secondly, distance assessment in relative to time.