Manual La Capricciosa, Thirty-two Partitas in G Major (B250)

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Dietrich Buxtehude. La Capricciosa, 32 variations for Harpsichord in G major, BuxWV 250

Although he undoubtedly began his organ studies with his father, further information concerning his teachers is totally lacking. Lorentz was a pupil and son-in-law of Jacob Praetorius in Hamburg, and the Buxtehude family made his acquaintance in upon the death of his father, Johann Lorentz, Sr. The position of organist and Werkmeister at St. Buxtehude swore the oath of citizenship on 23 July , enabling him to marry and set up his household.

Suiten & Variationen Piano by Dietrich Buxtehude

He married Anna Margarethe Tunder, a daughter of his predecessor, on 3 August, Three died in infancy, a fourth survived to early adulthood, and three remained in the household at the time of Buxtehude's death. Buxtehude himself belonged to the fourth social class, however, together with lesser wholesalers, retailers and brewers. In inviting his social superiors to serve as godparents - and in some cases naming his children after them - Buxtehude was also cultivating their patronage for his musical enterprises.

As organist of St Mary's, Buxtehude's chief responsibility lay in playing the organ for the main morning and afternoon services on Sundays and feast days. He also held the position of Werkmeister of St Mary's, the administrator and treasurer of the church, a position of considerable responsibility and prestige.

The account books that he kept in this capacity document the life of the church and its music in considerable detail. The cantor of St.

Mary's, also a teacher at the Catharineum, held the responsibility for providing the liturgical music, using his school choir of men and boys. Buxtehude inherited a tradition established by Franz Tunder of performing concerts from the large organ of St Mary's at the request of the business community. Zapisz do ulubionych. Cz Finale Aaron Copland - Grohg, Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Chorus-Girls' First Dance ilorg Adagio und Passacaglia Antonin Dvorak - Dvorak: Symphony No.

Andante molto sostenuto Mon Seul Desir: The Unicorn Reaches a Temple in a Clearing Presto Claude Debussy - Beau Soir Perf. Heifetz Allegretto Sequence: Rex tremendae Arthur Bliss - Bliss: Piano Concerto etc.

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Minue Pines Near a Catacomb Menuet Allegro Martin in the Fields - Brandenburg Concerto No. Sergei Rachmaninoff - Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances, etc. Eiji Oue, Minnesota Orchestra - Vocalise Allegro gentile Renzetti, ORT Europa Spada Europa 2CDs. Harasiewicz; Philips 2CDs ; September 20, Argerich, DG Pollini Laval, Piano; Accord Christie and D. Fuller HMA Savall; Astree E 2CDs. Christie and C. Rousset, Harpsichord; HM Savall; Astree E Arrau Deller, countertenor; R.

Spencer, Lute; HMC Lindberg CD Fortepiano; DHM En forme de Sonata Op.

Fortepiano; DHM ; June 5, Hurst; Naxos 8. Downes; Naxos 8. Christie, Harpsichord; HM Baumgratz, Christophorus entree CHE Savall, Viol; Astree E Verlet, Harpsichord; E Rousset, Harpsichord HMF VI; Suite No.

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II; Suite No. Music For Brass, Crees G. Smith, Lute; Astree E Chailly; London Dorati; London II No. II in G major and d minor arr. Gilbert HMC Harnoncourt; Teldec Pinnock Stern, M. Rostropovich; MK Haydn: Symphonies No. IX in G minor; P. IX in A major; P. Pieces de clavessin: Suite no 2 in D major.

Form: Suite.

Scherbakov, Piano; Marco Polo 8. Francis of Assise and St. Pollini DGG Busoni ; Harmonies poetiques et religieuses, Funerailles S. Stokowski ; Enesco - Roumanian Rhapsody No. Mayer Piano; T. Y ; Mar 14, Y ; Mar 6, Complete String Quartets Nos. Terekiev, Piano; Nuovo Era II ; Le Labyrinthe Bk.

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IV ; Folies Bk. Marcello; 12 Concerti Grossi Op. Loriod, P. Boulez, M. Constant; Erato Boulez; DGG Hogwood; London Bilson; J. Demus, P. Rudy Calliope CAL IV; Pappas, Harpsichord; Arkadia Argerich; Piano; Philips D Batiz, Royal Philarmonic; Naxos 8.

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Gott zu leben," Op. Lionel Rogg on the organs of the Church of St. Wallfisch Hyperion CDA Albert, Conductor; Aulos Brizio, Prague Philharmonic; Studio