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The implication behind the need for such painstaking negotiations is that a woman trying to do her job while parenting an infant is, even in , a woman out of place on the Senate floor. Why her and why now?

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What Charlotte has to do to win will, like many a candidate before her, challenge her conceptions about her own moral compass. You cannot be an angry woman, even for a second. Just reading those words makes me, an angry woman , want to flip tables. Buy Now, Pay Later.

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If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Log Out. Pennsylvania has never had a female governor or Senator. Related Eve Ensler on men, MeToo and apologies. Today's feminists should "walk the walk".

How to Write a Novel, Explained By a Booker Prize-Winning Novelist

If you don't like Pinterest, post all the pics in a blog post, or cut them out and make a bulletin board. Look at your "world" before you start writing. You can learn more about how authors can use Pinterest effectively here. Not only will it keep you writing, but it will also give you an immediate endorphin rush when you post your word count wins.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Andrew Sean Greer Shares How He Wrote an Award-Winning Novel

That way you can focus on using your daily time wisely, and get all the words onto the page before worrying about the cleanliness of your manuscript! Avoid the temptation to edit or perfect your work as you go along — just get the bloody thing written! Scott has written a fantastic course on the subject of Traditional Publishing for Reedsy Learning. Sign up to receive his lessons via email. Enter your email below and select 'Publishing - Traditional Publishing ' in the drop-down menu. Dialogue is an excellent way to show your character's history while keeping things very much in the present.

It's a much sharper way of delivering info, as it allows you to keep up the pace and show how the character feels about it now.

Jeffrey Archer on his new novel, Heads You Win

Editor Geoff Smith encourages writers to take great care with your imagery. Plain English is beautiful, and ideas deserve to stand or fall on their own merits. Make your point and move on.

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While it's important to get your story across in a short space of time, author Bridget McNulty warns writers to not rely too heavily on dialogue:. Dialogue is a useful vehicle for letting readers know key plot details. However, dialogue is also best when it contains concise narration as opposed to too much exposition. But at every point in every story, there is something that absolutely must happen for that tale to function. The detective discovers a fateful clue. A disaster separates tragic lovers.

The protagonist realizes that she's been lying to herself her whole life. The two things almost all NaNoWriMo contestants are afraid of: a blank page and the taunting stare the blinking cursor. You can always go back and finish it off later. Navigate these obstacles as they arise and move past them — they are not the 'enemy,' they are just life. Well done! Then go back to that initial draft and revise, revise, revise!


You can read, read, read. To get the most out of your editorial experience, do your second and third pass, and consider beta readers or workshopping before turning the manuscript over to the editor. After that, come back to it and get to work on the rewrite. Working with an editor should come after this point. It will be a frustrating — and probably costly — experience if you get an editor to work on a first draft. Before you start looking for an editor using the greatest publishing network known to man , you should make sure you've re-written your manuscript as best you can.

Sometimes writers start with one story in their head, and it ends up changing into something so slowly over the course of writing it that they don't notice the stark tonal shift between from start to finish. Reading chapter one and your final chapter side-by-side can help control for that, too. I do this as I edit, and find it incredibly helpful if I'm unsure about the structure of a sentence or the pacing of a paragraph.

A lot of writing gets bogged down by unnecessary details or excessive wordiness, and this is a great little trick to help avoid that. One thing you should aim for in your writing especially in the revision process is efficiency of language, according to editor Laura Mae Isaacman. What is it conveying? If two sentences in a row are using different words to convey the same information, this is repetitive, and one might need to be cut. Hint: keep the simpler one. This can help speed the pace of a story and control word count sprawl.

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Old adages, but constant issues. It's common in nearly all manuscripts I edit. Often the writer doesn't even realize that they've given away too much too early. Readers are often more astute than you initially might presume, and they want to figure out the plot for themselves. For more tips on revising a novel, check out our awesome infographic! Or follow live as our resident video expert goes through the NaNoWriMo experience herself! Are you a NaNoWriMo veteran? If you have any advice for writers about to take part in the competition, please share it in the comments below.

I'm working on a non-fiction book about marketing for small to medium sized businesses. I would like to enter it for the exposure and feedback I might get. Brilliant advice. I'm not planning to enter NaNoWriMo this year but this is all great advice for any aspiring author to keep up and improve productvity. Comprehensive list - thank you. It's great fun.