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Interconnection of private teleprinter networks with the telex network. The international telex service - General principles and operational aspects of a store and forward facility. Intermediate storage devices accessed from the international telex service using single stage selection - Answerback format. Basic requirements for interworking relations between the international telex service and other services. Operational provisions to permit interworking between the international telex service and the intex service.

International leased circuit services - Customer circuit designations. This Recommendation is also included but not published in E series under alias number E. Quality objectives for baud start-stop telegraph transmission in the maritime mobile-satellite service. Service provisions for aeronautical passenger communications supported by mobile-satellite systems. Service objectives and principles for future public land mobile telecommunication systems.

Non-telephone telecommunication services

Operational procedures for the maritime satellite data transmission service. International two-way multipoint telecommunication service via satellite. Service and operational requirements of store-and-forward facsimile service. Operational requirements of the interconnection of facsimile store-and-forward units. Operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between public bureaux Bureaufax.

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Operational provisions relating to the use of store-and-forward switching nodes within the bureaufax service. Guidelines for the support of the communication of documents using Group 3 facsimile between user terminals via public networks. Internet facsimile: Guidelines for the support of the communication of facsimile documents. Operational provisions for the international facsimile service between public bureaux and subscriber stations and vice versa bureaufax-telefax and vice versa. General principles on the presentation of terminal identification to users of the telematic services.

Provision of telematic and data transmission services on integrated services digital network ISDN. Message handling services: Naming and addressing for public message handling services. Message handling services: The public interpersonal messaging service. Message handling services: Intercommunication between the interpersonal messaging service and the telefax service. Message handling services: Electronic Data Interchange messaging service. Operational requirements for the interconnection of voice-mail store-and-forward units.

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Service and operational requirements of the voice-mail store-and-forward service. Service and operational principles for public data transmission service.

Guideline Recommendation for identifying multimedia service requirements. Service description and requirements for videotelephony services over IP networks. Service description and requirements for multimedia conference services over IP networks.


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Service description and requirements for audiovisual on-demand services. Service description and requirements for distance learning services. Service requirements for next generation content delivery networks. Requirements for a cloud computing platform supporting a visual surveillance system. Use-cases and requirements for multimedia content delivery network. Service description and requirements for ubiquitous sensor network middleware. Functional requirements for network-based speech-to-speech translation services. Service description for user data exchange between functional components in network entities and terminals.

Framework for a language learning system based on speech and natural language processing NLP technology. Requirements for a name resolution service in information-centric networks. Requirements for unified status monitoring of networks and services. Requirements and architecture for indoor conversational robot systems. Capabilities of ubiquitous sensor networks for supporting the requirements of smart metering services.

Deployment guidelines for ubiquitous sensor network applications and services for mitigating climate change. Requirements and functional model for a ubiquitous network robot platform that supports ubiquitous sensor network applications and services. Requirements and functional architecture for the open ubiquitous sensor network service platform. Requirements and functional architecture of an automatic location identification system for ubiquitous sensor network applications and services. Requirements for water quality assessment services using ubiquitous sensor networks USNs.

Requirements for network-based location information conversion for location-based applications and services.

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Requirements and reference architecture for audience-selectable media service framework in the IoT environment. Requirements and common characteristics of the IoT identifier for the IoT service. Machine socialization: Relation management models and descriptions. Requirements and reference architecture of the machine-to-machine service layer. Requirements for communication services of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. Service description and requirements for multimedia information access triggered by tag-based identification.

Framework for telemedicine systems using ultra-high definition imaging. Telecommunications accessibility guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities. Procedures for designing, evaluating and selecting symbols, pictograms and icons. Audio-based indoor and outdoor network navigation system for persons with vision impairment. Definitions relating to telegraph, telematic and data transmission services.

It was deleted after the withdrawal of the transferred account telegraph and telematic service F. Sup3 Overview of Telecom Finance Finance2. Non-telephone telecommunication services. RSS Feed. Plain and secret language. Continued availability of traditional services. General provisions for one-stop-shopping arrangements. Evaluating the success of new services. Global virtual network service.

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