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The Catholic director of Regeneration strove to find some middle ground between the two. By the s, the spread of Communism led Catholics to push for greater missionary work to combat this growing threat. In much the same way, Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story tells very little about the real Dorothy Day, but speaks volumes about the shift in Catholicism in the s towards an emphasis on personal morals, over faith and social justice.

And what does that mean in the twenty-first century? Those that are well known and loved have often been explored as allegories or have had interpretations fitted to them. However, all demonstrate shifts in both external and internal views of Catholicism in America. Each subsequent chapter of this book builds upon the previous, and leaves the reader longing for more.

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All that is needed now is the companion collection of DVDs. But not everybody will be participating in these time-honored traditions. Some people believe that focusing our attention on scary things like monsters and ghosts is wrong, so they forego the spooky costumes and the scary movies, choosing more family-friendly alternatives instead. In this article, I want to take a look at this issue.

Many Catholics believe that such entertainment is morally problematic. They think that these movies glorify evil, so they should have no place in a godly life.

The 10 Greatest Catholic School Movies of All Time

Others, however, believe that as long as we can separate made-up stories from real life, there is nothing wrong with the genre. Sure, just like anything else, they can be taken to unhealthy extremes, and there are certain kinds of horror movies that I have big issues with, but I do not think there is anything inherently wrong with the genre itself.

Now, there is a lot that can be said in defense of horror movies, but I think it ultimately boils down to a principle enunciated by Pope St. This, I would suggest, is the key to understanding why Catholics can watch horror movies.

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Instead, good horror highlights it and, in so doing, shows it for exactly what it is. It shows that evil is not a good thing to be celebrated, emulated, or sought; rather, it is something we should fight against and try our best to conquer and escape. Simply put, the horror we see onscreen should remind us of our need to be saved from the horror we experience in the real world.

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That is the general principle that should guide how we understand horror movies, but how does it work out concretely? How do certain movies express our need and desire for redemption? One of my favorite horror movies of the past several years is The Conjuring. It came out in , and it tells the story of a family that is afflicted by a particularly nasty evil spirit. Instead, the whole point of the story is to show the power of God over the forces of evil, and this is evident all throughout the movie.

On a more general level, The Conjuring exemplifies the most obvious way that many horror movies express our desire for salvation: they show evil being defeated. This one even shows the role of God in that defeat, although not all of them do.

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It's hard to imagine finding anything to laugh about in Stalin's Russia, but then he dies and what is old is eventually made new again. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative film directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen.

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The film tells of her early life and education as the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants growing up in Brooklyn. Ginsburg, and mother to her first child, Jane a son, James, would follow 10 years later. Of the students in her class at Harvard Law, she was one of only nine women. Early on, women's rights became Ginsburg's significant opinions, and often strongly worded dissenting opinions.

She is pro-choice, one legal opinion that will disappoint Catholics in an otherwise brilliant career on the bench.

The film does a fine job of letting the audience see Ginsburg's personality, daily life, and quiet but persistent and lifelong effort for equal rights with men. It tells his story and follows the stories of four men with intellectual disabilities who were once locked away in asylums.

Their home was a poor habitat outside of Paris on the edge of a forest that didn't even have running water. Rose Pacatte, a member of the Daughters of St.

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Courtesy photo. There were too many to review individually, so here are shorter reviews that may guide your moviegoing experiences this weekend. Tom Catena , the only doctor at the only hospital for a million people in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The film opens in theaters April 6. The film is already in theaters.

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