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Greetings; You can use Timer or Threading for time intervals. Even though in my opinion is not a good practice due to resource consumption, it can be useful for a small application. I'll write simple pseudo code as I'm not in front of the computer right now. Thanks so much for this tutorial!

I would like to ask whether is it possible to read multiple data? Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Yes, it's very possible. Use Serial.

You're welcome. Until then, feel free to contact me with any further questions :D. I do have one question. I'm now able to display the data from the sensor i'm using on the textbox. However, it only display integer value. It only display 25, The codes below is the program i have typed. ReadByte ; AirspeedTextBox1. ToString "N2" ; serialPort1. Thank you so much again! ReadByte reads a single 8 bit byte from the Arduino.

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This can become a problem when reading values over , I'll fire up Visual Studio and Arduino, have a poke around and get back to you soon. Split ',' ; AirspeedTextBox. And thanks to your help, i manage to read and display multiple data! I also do need to keep updating the data and display on the textbox. I used the following codes to display the data: using System; using System. IsOpen serialPort1.

Visual Studio Code extension for Arduino is now open source

Invoke new EventHandler DoUpdate ;" codes seen in the attached image. Any idea what caused the problem and how do i troubleshoot it? IndexOutOfBounds is called when not enough data has been sent from the arduino to split it correctly. My apologies for not responding previously Chris.

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At the same time i'll try to figure out too! Hie l am having a problem, l want to use get readings from my arduino trct sensors and display the values on c form but l am failing to write the code for both the arduino and c any suggestions on what l can do. Hello, I am trying to build an application that listens and then talks to the arduino, Even though I have managed at other times to get it to work I dont seem to know what it is that works and end up breaking the code while trying to stitch a few changes.

So close to finishing the project I dare post here for help. By chrisgward My site Follow.

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