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Spatialization of time in Mian. Psychology Denpasar Bali , Indonesia. A grammar of Mian. Mouton Grammar Library Conditions on pronominal marking: A set of 42 video stimuli for field elicitation. Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey. Presented at the departmental colloquium at the University of York, 17 October Greville G. Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia, June Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, February Presented at the Workshop on referential hierarchies in three-participant constructions.


Lancaster University. To which is added an English-Tibetan vocabulary. London: Secretary of State for India in Council, Romanized Tibetan and English dictionary. Kyelang: XX, Jinpa, Thupten, and Jeffrey Hopkins. Advanced fluent Tibetan.

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A Grammar of Teiwa (eBook) [carmacuraci.gq]

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Construction Grammar and Creativity

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    Manuel de birman, langue de Myanmar, Vol. Manuel de birman, Vol. Parlons birman: Le langage de Myanmar. Chang, Charles Bond.