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The 56th loses 5 pilots today. Walker Mahurin is shot down by the rear gunner of the Dornier he is attacking. Gerry Johnson was hit while strafing and bellylanded his P While attempting to land and pick Johnson up, his wingman Lt Everett hit a tree and damaged his P so badly that he crashed into the sea off the coast of France and was killed. During rescue operations the bomb load of one Liberator explodes and 6 men from the airfield are killed.

James Stewart is transferred to 8th Fighter Command. Upon breaking escort both groups landed at the 56ths new base. Station at Boxted, Essex. The group's Air Inspector, Maj Wilbur Watson had begun collecting the thirteenth kill from the group's top scoring pilots. Around this time the amount of pilots finishing their tours led to an acute shortage of pilots amongst some of longer serving Fighter Groups.

More Polish pilots were persuaded to join up with the Polish contingent in the 61st FS and volunteers were sought from 8th Bomber Command with six of these coming to the 56th at Boxted. He later returns to combat in the Pacific theatre.

Step by Step: two P-47M, 56th Fighter Group USAAF

The first three PDs arrive at Boxted. The rail bridge at Chantilly is destroyed. The target today is an airfield at Gutersloh which is attacked with excellent results.

In a further attempt to ease the dearth of experienced pilots due to so many finishing their hour tours the duration is increased by 15 missions. Nobody is allowed to enter the base at Boxted and any visitors are detained. The 56th flies eight missions in support of the Allied invasion. First take off is at Two of these, W. McClure and E. Bennett of the 62nd FS evade capture. Throughout the month the 56th flies extensively in support of the Allied invasion forces. A combination of the type of mission flown, mostly dive bombing attacks, and bad weather over the continent, coupled with the Allied supremacy over the area keeps air kills by the 56th lower than might have been expected during this period of action.

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All the aircraft shot down are JU52 Transports. Only two days later he is killed in action. The day's mission, a Ramrod to Russelsheim appeals to Gabreski and he decides to fly one more mission. His th.

After leaving the bombers the 61st FS seek out targets of opportunity and strafe Bassinheim airfield. Streaking low across the airfield Gabreski gets just a little too low and hits the ground with his propeller which results in having to make a belly landing just outside the airfield perimeter. After a short period on the run Gabreski is captured and spends the remainder of hostilities in a POW camp. Gordon Baker takes over command of the 61st FS.

Each P carries a Gal drop tank filled with oil, with the targets including a fuel dump at Fournival. The group is warned of an impending attack and jettisons the tanks. When the attack fails to materialise they content themselves with strafing the original targets. Zemke's P is hit by flak over Montdidier and he returns to Boxted minus the starboard propeller.

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On landing the Ps brakes fail and Zemke ends the mission in a field at the end of the runway. August The month's missions continue to consist mainly of dive bombing and strafing in support of the Allied invasion. The th FG based at Wattisham and flying Ps who had just lost their commanding officer over France.

When informed of this, Schilling's reaction was most unfavourable and he is reported as having expressed his feelings on the matter with a succession of expletives. Mike Quirk takes command of the 62nd FS.